Unique standalone scattering measurement system

The REFLET 180S optical bench is specially suited for reflective and transmissive scatter analyses for all types of materials. For the ultimate flexibility, the light illumination and measurement angles are fully independent and robotically controlled in two dimensions. In this way users may make a set of in-plane, multi-plane or omni-directional measurements of reflection or transmission. Measurements can be performed using polarization, photometric, colorimetric and spectral domains.

The accurate analysis of the shape of the reflected or transmitted scatter pattern provides insight into roughness, defects such as grooves or scratches, ordered microstructures, and more. The omni-directional breakdown of the spectral composition yields information on the type of paint or covering, allowing detection of fluorescence, OVI inks, or iridescence with angular variation of colors, including thin and filtered layers. Lastly, the spectrophotometric distribution of the backscattered light can characterize the chemical composition of the surface area of the object, allowing for analysis of oxidation, dirt, pollution, and more.

The system is designed in a modular fashion. It can easily be modified to specific user requirements, measurement with integrated flux or spectral analysis, or used with white colored lighting. The REFLET 180S is also easy to use manually for spot inspection or quick analysis.

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