Made by Light Tec and distributed in North America by Westboro Photonics

Mini-Diff® VPro

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Quick measurements with higher dynamic range

The Mini-Diff VPro is an advanced scatterometer that measures samples for both reflective and transmissive scatter, as well as total internal scatter (TIS), at three RGB wavelengths. Some of the new advantages in the Mini-Diff VPro:

  • Full absorbing enclosure to stop ambient stray light sources
  • Motorized stage to scan the incidence beam from 0° to 60° with 1° angular step
  • Improved camera to increase dynamic range to 106 and
  • Only one calibration per workday
  • Angular resolution improved to 0.5°

The Mini-Diff VPro scatterometer comes with an absorbing enclosure to remove ambient stray light and includes the capability to analyze samples at 1 degree spaced fixed angle of incidence from 0 to 60 degrees. Due to the addition of the enclosure, dynamic range of this instrument increases to 10e6 over the portable Mini-Diff scatterometers. The VPro measures both BRDF and BTDF (reflective and transmissive scatter). The unit is perfect for use on the assembly room floor or in the research lab. A simple measurement takes about three minutes for a full set of incident angle scans at 1 degree increments. The standard unit comes complete with 3 RGB LED sources for full colorimetric evaluation.

The included Mini-Diff VPro software has multiple features for investigating a measured sample, including a pseudo-color perspective view of the sampled surface showing angle versus intensity, and a BSDF comparator to compare any measurement with any other measurement. There are also utilities to create ABg and Gaussian Lambertian models to approximate mathematical models with measured data for optical software users who need fast raytracing. Another utility allows the averaging of multiple samples to smooth out large discontinuities and scratches in samples.

The Mini-Diff VPro exports multiple BSDF data formats including specific formats for LightTools, Lucidshape, Zemax, TracePro, ASAP, APEX, Photopia and FRED as well as ASTM, mesh and slice formats.

Perspective view of the black calibration sample using
pseudo-color angular plot showing angle versus intensity.

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