New Products
The WP690 provides higher resolution for more demanding graphics analysis or defect testing of flat panel displays.
The WP640 colorimeter utilizes a 4MP, scientific-grade, cooled CCD in combination with the proven Photometrica® software suite to provide a flexible and easy to use solution for any colorimetry application.
The WP214 is the first instrument of its kind for 2D colorimetry and viewing angle measurement applications. With interchangeable lenses the system offers the ability to measure luminance, chromaticity, and wavelength in a single system.
The WP106 is a 6MP imager with cooled and stabilized detectors which allow very, very low light levels to be analyzed. This economical solution offers the latest imaging technology from Sony®.

Westboro Photonics is an innovative manufacturer of light measurement equipment serving the flat-panel display, avionics, automotive and illumination industries. Our measurement solutions include instrumentation to measure light emission, reflection and transmission as well as the software needed to control, analyze and report those measurements.

Our Core Services

We have focused on developing imaging systems, imaging photometers and hyperspectral imagers since they offer more information than traditional spot measurement devices. Our innovative instruments and software solutions have been engineered to meet our clients' requirements for greater productivity, higher measurement dynamic range and accuracy.

Lighting and LEDs

LED Tests

Our innovative products can measure a complete range of optical quantities necessary for LED or general lighting characterization. Luminance, intensity, illuminance, flux, chromaticity and spectrum information can all be obtained using a single, compact image based system. Beam pattern measurements and uniformity can be characterized with our imaging photometers and colorimeters.


Display Test

We offer an assortment of novel solutions designed to characterize emissive and reflective displays for nearly all practical applications. Key measurement applications include: contrast, uniformity, mura, chromaticity, gamut, gamma, viewing angle, and BRDF/BSDF. With specific focus on speed and accuracy, our solutions are uniquely suited for both R&D and production applications.

Reflection and Transmission


Our imaging systems are used to characterize the spatial uniformity in transmission or reflection; either photometrically or hyperspectrally. The Bidirectional Reflection and Transmission Distribution Function (BRDF/BTDF) of materials can also be evaluated with our imaging systems and powerful software.

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